The  medal of period of national government

tAfter the national government is established, issued successively " the army,the navy and the air force merit awarded the regulations " ," the army,the navy and the air force merit awards the implementing regulations of the regulations " ,And many kinds of at regulations of reward to issue medal" awarding offices and men of air force rejuvenation emeritus medal regulationses specially", 943 September,issue have" country mere medal"," blue sky daytime medal"s," treasure pot medal"s," cloud standard of a commander medal"s," rejuvenation emeritus medal",etc. five kinds medal s; "the army,the navy and the air force medal", Many kinds of medals, such as" brilliance medal","ing does the city medal", various kinds of" competition medal"s," preface medal of star of air force"," medal of Xuanwei of air force"," emeritus medal of China's helmet",etc.. " country mere medals" divide into grade, authorize the army,the navy and the air force resist foreign aggression safeguard country write special the soldiers of battle achievements of having. " blue sky daytime medal" divide into grade, the army,the navy and the air force on resisting foreign aggression stand and have distinguished the soldiers of battle achievements wartime. " pot medal of treasure" divides into nine and waits, confer a grade to the high-ranking military officer, confer three to six grades to a field officer, Confer four to seven grades to the junior officer, confer six to nine grades to the warrant officer, assisting accurately and soldier. " standard of a commander of cloud medal" divides into nine and waits, the grade that authorizes is distinguished with the treasure pot medal , two a different one are, The former lays particular emphasis on and rewards the battle achievement, the latter lays particular emphasis on the meritorious service of rewarding the military construction aspect. " rejuvenation emeritus medals" divide one - two into, third- class, authorize and defend territorial sky write special the officers and mens of contributions of having in fighting wartime mainly, Command and write to the above commanding officer of team leader with the battle achievement capably on the sky or the ground , Can also confer ; One, two, third- class is according to the military success theory , for instance the person who shoots down enemies more than 9 of machine in succession awards first-classly in the air battle, 6 and a half set of person award two-class, 3 and a half set of person award third-class. The medal, as soon as some divide into several grade , some divide into 0 grades like" preface medal of star of air force", Mark and weigh a star of medal, star medalses with the quantities of star The ten stars medal; Some consist of series,  divide into achievement study medal, shooting medal, horsemanship medal, speak boat medal, fly medal, stunt medal,etc. such as" competition medal". The target of authorizing of the medal, some only award to a soldier, some can award to a soldier and military civil official , Some besides confering to the personnel inside the army, authorize place personnel and foreigner. Get the person who has one of the following situations of medal , must revoke its medal : Those who are disfranchised all the life; The person who deprives its medal of explicit order, the person who loses China's nationality. The person who has one of the following situations, stop it and wear medals : The person who disfranchise and has not resumed yet; Sentence to and obey the person who has not expired of fixed-term imprisonment yet. After the death of person who obtains medal , the medal is exempt from. Medal transfer to and borrow others, it supports and borrow property those who violated besides taking over medals, Return it to the department with disciplinary sanction .o develop in 32 by Guang Xu, Divide five and wait altogether, it is also very precise to make.


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