Qing Government's medal of period


the pearl s of dragons ,along the side of the border inlay on one week with little pearl, The Venus awn that red; First class to use gold at the second, law green dragons blow gold scales, On the little without being inlaid by plain noodles the coral red,inlay bright red coral plain noodles Chinas, stud with on little pearl one week outsides, The Venus awn that red. Except that on, outside second, other grades enclose first class s license think the evidence also when issueing. Head, two-class to make and issue by Premier yamen, where play and issue and award three - four - five,etc. promptly from where, The license is added a cover in the official seal in unison. 

Pairs of dragon treasure star reward. However, in" rewarding and give ocean person pairs of star of dragon treasure rules" before announcing, seem and consider and implement treasure reward by star to national subjects of a feudal ruler too, For instance 88 year February Li Hongzhang in"play and go abroad study at collage as in thing asked stretch award each person"in play and invite whether in north foreign and that teachers hold a post to study abroad award at excellent more graduate waters for imperial court Long BaoXing, normally the imperial court will allow too. " award give ocean person pairs of star of dragon treasure rules" announce will it be winter one year, stipulate star to award ocean person specially treasure clearly further. The treasure person who only issues to the ocean of star of a pair of dragons , does not have medal incentive system corresponding to the compatriot , It is not appropriate enough that this kind of method valued outside more than inside is obvious. However, at Guang Xu one year( one year) August, play accurate pairs of dragon treasure star s limited to and issue ocean person of giving no longer after this by things that are outside the scope of one's own job part, As to this being foreign affair go abroad and make and issue each by part official, in order to meeting diplomatic the needs of occasions. In addition, it sets up special qualitieses or provisional medal( card) also for instance trader merit, agriculture,industry and commerce part medal, north foreign minister medal,etc.s. Among them, trader's merits were set up for rewarding the industry and commerce to develop in 32 by Guang Xu, Divide five and wait altogether, it is also very precise to make.



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