Imperial Period 1863-1912
  Republican Period 1912-927
  Nationalist period 1927-1949
  Communist Period 1949 - 2005
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  Imperial Period 1863-1912
  Republican Period 1912-1927
  Nationalist period 1927-949
  Communist Period 1949 -
  The other periods

  China Communist rank 1955-1965
  China Communist rank 1965-1984
  China Communist rank 1984-1987
  China Communist rank 1987-

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Yang Liwei

" space hero's title of honour to Yang LiWei, the first spaceman of China,, And issue" exploit Orders of space" to him,

The Chinese people are bathed in blood the historical witness chapter of" The First World War"
The Medals of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference - personnel of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid North Korea
historical witness chapter of" a fight"

955 type rank epaulets of the Chinese PLA, the introduction of collar badge
Liberate the Tibet Medals
The Chinese People's Liberation Army forced the way across the victory badge of the ChangJiang River on April 2, 1949
Operation badge of Anshan Iron and Steel Plant
The Medals Of Building The Highway From Xikang Province To Tibet


Badge of pilot's grade of air force
Comment on the Medals Fake
Medals Fake photo The first part
Medals Fake photo 2

Mr.. Huang YongZhong: Reserve duty major's commission

Hello! My name is Wang ZhongHui

    China Hainan The Orders and Medals Collect and Research Society 
  The Secretariat of professional committee of China Hainan collector's association of province badge enlightens
  The first badge exhibition of badge professional committee of collector's association of province of Hainan

   Before the People's Republic of China is established ,Proposal two times implemented the

      North Korea Order of National Flag class Type research

Anti-American and Support of North Korea Medal

issued by Liaoxi Province, numbered, brass and enamels; rounded pendant with gold Korean peninsula on white background

Only $35.00

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