Gold Star Medal of the Hero of the Republic Gold Star Medal of the Hero of Labor
Medal of the Honor Youth of Kim Il Sung  
Medal of Military Merit Medal of Labor Merit
Patriotic Liberation War Commemorative Medal  
Fatherland Liberation Commemoration Medal  

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) is one of the biggest "white spots" as far as its orders and medals are concerned. Very little material is available, particularly that referring to modern times. This page, although incomplete and probably not up-to-date, is meant to make a at least acquainted with the North Korean award system.

The system of orders and medals of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is based on the Soviet one, although with some Chinese influence as well. The orders have the form of stylized five pointed stars mounted to the uniform or civilian clothes with the screw, while the medals suspend from metal planks covered with the ribbon, but unlike the Russian pattern, they are not pentagonal but resemble "classic", i.e. French or American mounting. The width of the ribbons is ca. 34 mm. Soviet influence is seen also in the existence of "gold stars" of the hero and hero of labor, characteristic of almost all countries of the Soviet bloc.


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