The Chinese People's Liberation Army forced the way across the victory badge of the ChangJiang River on April 2, 949


Tide over the victory medals of the Changjiang River.

At the night of April 20, the PLA man regards wooden sailing boat as and crosses the river tool mainly, here from the lake mouth in the west, to Jiangyin in the east , force the way across the Changjiang River on the more than 500 kilometers -long battle line , breaks through the line of defence of the Changjiang River of the Kuomintang. On the 23rd, liberate Nanjing. Then drive on boldly southwards , liberate Hangzhou on May 3 , liberate Nanchang on the 22nd, liberate Shanghai on the 27th. On May 4, the 2th formation crosses rivers to fight while holding Chinese Xun,liberate Wuhan on the 7th. On June 2, the third field army and one liberates Chongming Island,it is over to cross the river campaign. Destroy morethan 430,000 people of 46 divisions of the Kuomintang army altogether, in order to march into South China , southwest, it causes the advantage to accelerate liberating in the whole of China.It is to liberate wartime to cross the river campaign, the Chinese People's Liberation Army forces the way across the strategic fight action of the Changjiang River. After Liaoxi-Shenyang , Huai-Hai , Beiping-Tianjin , three major campaigns ,, the Kuomintang government, one side strengthens the line of defence of the Changjiang River, attempt to obtain the time of wheezing, rearm , stage a comeback.On April 20 , 949, the Kuomintang government refused to sign in the domestic peaceful protocol that the delegations of peace talk of both sides of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party drafted. Second , three field armies and local arms of PLA man amount to million people, under the general leadership of the front committee that Deng Xiaoping , Liu Bocheng , Chen Yi , Su Yu , Tan Zhenlin make up, initiate and cross the river campaign. More than 00,000 people of the 2th formation of the fourth field army are commanded by the second field army, threaten Wuhan, pin down high Xi group in vain , supports second , three field armies by coordinated action and crosses rivers and fights .

The Military Area Command of East China issued and crossed the river victory medals on April 2 , 949 after the campaign

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