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Operation badge of Anshan Iron and Steel Plant

0 anniversary badges of operation of Anshan Iron and Steel Plant

July 9 of 949 dates, Anshan Iron and Steel Company, in order to commemorate that issues one badge. This chapter is perfect in workmanship, is witness of China's industrial development history. The steel group company of An'shan is a super-huge state-owned enterprise of our country, located in An'shan of Liaoning Province. Anshan Iron and Steel Plant establish with on 96, predecessor made in An'shan iron and clear making steel.

Anshan Iron and Steel Company was established in 948, went into operation on the ruins on July 9 of next year, resumed production rapidly, have carried on extensive technological transformation and capital construction. Cover an area of 76 sq. km. now, industrial land is 29 among them. 9 sq. km. . At the end of 2000, the number of group company is unit directly under 3; Control interest and 28 wholly-owned subsidiaries, have 6 large-scale irons mine, 4 ore dressing plants , an iron-smeltery, 3 steel mills , 3 steel rolling mills and coking, fire-resistant, such scientific research as such the auxiliary related unit and technique center as machinery , power , transportation , building , comprehensive utilization ,etc. , designing the research institute , automatic company ,etc., designing unit.There are 5 workers of the whole people now. 70,000 people, professional and technical personnel is more than 40,000 among them, engaged in steel production 4 workers. 360,000 people. Have integration capability producing the 9,200,000 tons of irons , steel and 920 tons , steel 8,500,000 tons every year.

Since the foundation of the state, Anshan Iron and Steel Plant has made enormous contribution for the economic construction of the country. 949 is to 2000, Anshan Iron and Steel Plant produced steel totally 2. 2 for 8,00 million tons , pig iron . 7,500 million tons , steel and . 8,400 million tons. Realize 766 profits tax totally. 9,200 million, turn over 668 tax. 5,500 million yuan, is nearly equivalent to the country in the same period to times that Anshan Iron and Steel Plant invested in, and send more than 50,000 technicians to the national metallurgical trade. Can produce the steel products of more than 700 varieties , more than 30000 specifications at present , is used in such trades as the metallurgy , petroleum , chemical industry , national defence ,etc.. Already through ISO9002 quality system authentication, the ship steel passes the authentication of bureau of shipping of seven countries, the petroleum pipeline passes API authenticationIn 2000, Anshan Iron and Steel Plant accounted for the second of national metallurgical enterprise according to the amount of export product organized of the demand of international market.



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