The Medals Of Building The Highway From Xikang Province To Tibet


The Medals Of Building The Highway From Xikang Province To Tibet

The Medals is distributed to officers and men of PLA by the central ministry of communications for building the highway from Xikang Province to Tibet. At the beginning of The People's Republic Of China, in order to reunify the motherland , liberate the Tibet people; link up the connection of Tibet and the hinterland,develop the economy of Tibet; set up and consolidate the national defense, the central committee of the communist party of china, military commission of the CPC central committee determine to build two highways of Xikang-Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet.Chairman Mao Zedong and commander-in-chief Zhu De had written the inscription for building the highway specially. Mao Zedong's epigraph is: "In order to help the brother nationality, the difficulty is not afraid, we should make great efforts to build the highway!¡± Zhu De's is: "Overcome the natural barrier with the army and people  uniting, overcome the difficulty streamline Xikang-Tibet traffic, and struggle for the task of consolidating the national defense and prospering the economy.¡± In accordance with the instructions of the central authorities and military commission, the army began to build two highways of Xikang-Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet in April of 950, which was 2 groups of some Department.The highway of Xikang-Tibet is from provincial capital Ya¡¯an of Xikang in the east at that time to the capital of Tibet, Lasa, in the west. It is 2305 kilometers. Today it is from Ya¡¯an to Lasa. It Passes 4 mountains over 4000 meters above sea level on the way; which is named Erlang Zheduo And Cuier, Stretches over the torrents , such as river , Lancang River , Nujiang and Jinsha ,etc.. Qinghai-Tibet Highway is from the provincial capital Xi'ning of Qinghai in the east to Lasa in the west .it is 200kilometers. It Walks over Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 4000 meters above sea level , steps the source of the Changjiang River , and crosses the Mountain of Kunlun and Tang Gu la. The two highways are the rare arduous project in the history that our country builds the roads. The route is long, natural conditions are very complicated and abominable, the project is unusually arduous. The army was brave and dogged, was not afraid of sacrifice and the difficulty to build the road, and at last invested the project wholeheartedly. They often lift and held the white snow, dogged up the frozen soil, hung among the waist with the rope, punched a hole to set off firecrackers at the cliff. On the plateau, meadow where the white snow flies confusingly, and on the high mountain where twenty or thirty degrees below zero, the cold wind is piercingly cold, the air is thin. They went through hard and dangerously, dogged struggle, overcome the numerous difficulties, let alpine to bow, river give way, finish the task successfully finally. On December 30, 954, Xikang-Tibet highway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway were opened to the traffic completely formally. December 26, two main forces of building Xikang-Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet highway, joined forces in the victory of Potala Square of Lasa. The people of Lhasa, Yaan, Xi'ning held the ceremony for the traffic opening at the same time. Chairman Mao Zedong especially for Xikang-Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet Highway opening to the traffic wrote the inscription completely:

 ¡°celebrate that Xikang-Tibet and Qinghai- Tibet highway were open to the traffic, consolidate the unity of the various nationalities people, and build the motherland!¡±¡°People¡¯s Daily¡± published the editorial which was entitled as ¡°creating happiness life on ¡°the roof of the world¡± ", spoke highly of the health and hide, the victory opened to the traffic in Qinghai-Tibet Highway. And pointed out that it had the great function in promoting the development of economy, culture of the people of all nationalities in Tibet on the unity strengthening Chinese. Also it has a far-reaching important meaning militarily. The 2nd of February of 955, Chairman Mao Zedong awarded the silk banners of personnel for building the road in two highways of Qinghai-Tibet and Xikang-Tibet. Presenting with a flag ceremony hold in Lasa, the commandant of Tibet Military Area Command Chairman Mao Zedong, representative of Zhang Guohua, is it build the road person all to award with silk banner. Xikang-Tibet and, Qinghai-Tibet Highways were open to the traffic, had added the brilliant new page in China's road construction, they were the great inventions in the highway history of the world. The contribution which building the road army of PLA acted as among the Xikang-Ribet and Qinghai-Tibet Highways of building, would go down in history forever.

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