The Chinese people are bathed in blood the historical witness chapter of" The First World War"


    In Paris of France, there stands the Chinese labourer's monument . It was built by France government in 988. The 
inscription was engraved with the Chinese and Franch characters, which says: "From A.D. 96 to A.D.98,there were 40,000 
Chinese workers to participate in the war of resistance of allied forces work in France, and there were nearly ten thousand
people dedicated to their valuable lives for this. After the victory of World War I, 3,000 people among them settled
down in France from then on.They formed the first Chinese organization near the station of Paris and Lyons." Behind this 
monument, it is a section of unforgettable vicissitudes past events. This text introduces two badges that record the history
rarely known, which is the Chinese people participated " World War I". 
Two badges are presented that are the Chinese worker in the Europe obtained to join the First World War. After 
Sarajevo incident causes leading to " World War I" to break out on June 28, 94, the allied nations is made up of the
countries, such as Germany, Austria,Turkey, Bulgaria,etc. and Great Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Italy, U.S.A.,etc. 
made up" Entente countries ". Both sides states launched desperate fight in Europe, and the flames of war expanded to 
Asia and Africa, 33 countries involved in the fighting , above ,500 million people involve the swirl of this war. In
February 97, the government of fighting Germany presented a note to Chinese Government .The note saids that they would 
implement the submarine's blockading policy to the neutral state. It made the government in Beijing discontent, in addition 
the United States and Japan two countries the instigation of U.S.A and Japan, Chinese Government issued the " president's 
notice " on August 4, and joined the "Entente countries ", and declared a war to Germany and ally Austria. 
Discussing and deciding with Entente countries, China mainly adopted the way of " substituting a soldier with worker " to 
enter the war, and offered 00,000 labourers , which serve in the battlefield. The labourers were recruited.In the same year,
Britain set up the " recruiting Chinese worker's total place" in Qingdao of Shandong, and set up 4 offices in Fangzi, 
Zhangdian, Jinan, Weihai. France set up" living abroad in the affair office of the defence works " in Wei county of Shandong 
(today Weifang city), which specially recruited Chinese workers for " World War I". According to the records of historical
data, only Weifang city , had every county 2000 over people recuited in Wei county, Gaomi, Zhucheng, Anqiu and other places 
at that time. The living benefits was that, Chinese worker after going abroad, would be given 0 yuan silver coin to his 
family in nation and given him 0 yuan per month .The wear and the food was supplied by the hirer country.
The treatment was same to the soldiers . Serve time limit to fix tentatively for 3 years. After the labourers received
the short time training in Qingdao, some of them went from Qingdao by sea , passed Japan and crossed Pacific
Ocean, went through U.S.A., Britain to French Paris, to wait for and transfer. Another passed the South Sea of China, 
Singapore, the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Suez Canal, Mediterranean and reached Marseilles of France in next year (98) 
. More of the Chinese labourer entering the war was assigned in France, their work was to excavate the trench, engineer
homework, load and unload, carry goods and materials, woodwork, pincers worker, foundry work, pharmacy, cultivated land, 
battlefield communication, medical aid, shop person who open task.From September to November in 98,Turkey,Bulgaria,Germany,
etc. suffered a defeat and surrender successively, ended up with the allied nations failure. The Chinese workers fight for 
the victorious nation's status for China. But that paid the heavy cost.According to historical data, about ten thousand 
Chinese workers died. According to " Shandong Weifang city will" ,in Guoguan village, of Wei county , there were over 30 
people to bravely die in fight. 
Two historical badges of spot completely that this text enclose are that the fight country issued the Chinese worker to 
entering the war.
. Fig. is " French war souvenir badge " which France issued, copper gold-plating, round, diameter 3CM. The obverse 
has " French war souvenir " and " 94-98 FRANCE " , the middle picture is the bayonet hawk soldier. 
.Fig.2 is " The victory souvenir badge of World War I" which Britain issued, copper, round, diameter 5CM, the double sides
have the relief pictures. The peripheral section casts " NO ". 90007.CHINESE L.C. ",which means " No.90007 Chinese 
labourers alliance ". The obverse is the head portrait of George V of British King and characters of " GEORGIVS V BRITT:OMN:REX:
FI:IND:IMP(and the picture is same to British coin for pattern at that time).At the back under the title of " 95-98 " for 
attitude vigorous and graceful knight not young not integrative the back , there is the sun 
above the head of the horse, step on the shields and human skeletons of wave, hawk's pattern under the horse's hoof, 
have reflected the conception that " the generally acknowledged truth overcomes the power ". It is the Chinese people 
that are bathed in blood the rare witness of " World War I". 


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